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Well today was kind of ruined, especially because it wasnt actually 6/6/06, but instead 6/6/10? Dont ask me, but its explained on, anyways xbox 360 update released today 6/6/06 w00t, 125+ new updates for my lovely natalie =  P. School sucko mungo, chocoles final wasnt that hard, but chem…oh god that was hell, and i had it 6th period! on 6/6/06, i prolly got a 66 on it =  (. Rite now im chillin on my deck hoppin those brain 'riods will help me on the math final. One more message: Veronica good luck with rajesh =   P, haha good job sunil. Anyways l8ter n00bs time for some b33r?

Oh and this is for ur enjoyment, portable natalie! boy i need one. 



Summer ’06 Almost approaching

Last week of school is almost upon us, and finals suck as always. This week I found out that there was such a thing as the Korean War, i guess stupid moments happen. In english i pulled a robby biem… by falling out of my chair, and then starting to play the penis game. Friday I was stuck at home so i decided to study up for a lil chemistry by makin a bomb = /. Basically I found some Pottassium Permagananate (sp?), and some gasoline, and viola thats 1/2 a stick of dynamite. I tried it out at an elementary school!!! Lol dont worry it was empty when I tried. Didn't quite work out, but more experimenting will happen later in the summer. Tried my hand at linux, and this is what I have to say to arjun, "LINUX SUCKS! windows pwns!". That is all, good luck on finals everyone, and a happy early 6/6/06 to allSnakes on a Plane Bitch!